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We provide a variety massage services in Greenville, SC. Our goal is to provide our clients with the best massage solutions possible.

Integrative Harmony Massage
Custom Massage Solutions - $70/Hour

For our Integrative Harmony Massage, you and your therapist will decide what combination of techniques and modalities is best for you at each session. An Integrative massage can aid in clearing toxins from the muscles while increasing circulation and blood oxygen levels. Nerve pain, chronic pain, and recent injuries can all be eased with a regular integrative massage. Your massage therapist will draw from a range of techniques to help your body release stress, to loosen muscle tightness, and to increase your overall sense of peace and well-being, depending on your needs at each session. Our massage cream is 100% natural and organic, enriched with sea algae, Japanese Green Tea, and Hops extracts - known throughout the centuries to have healing, antioxidant, and anti-aging properties.

Jojoba Stone Massage
With Skin Nourishting Jojoba - $120/ 90min

Though it seems like a new trend, stone massage has been around for thousands of years. A hot stone massage uses heated stones on your body (like Mother Nature's heating pad!) in conjunction with Swedish or Deep Tissue massage to promote relaxation and lasting peacefulness. Bring relief to tense muscles, sore joints, stressed emotions, and a weary soul.
It's a blissful, rejuvenating experience that's not to be missed!

Sports Massage
Muscular Tension Relief - $75/Hour

You don't have to be an Olympic athlete to need and benefit from sports massage. Even weekend warriors can gain endurance, increase flexibility, improve circulation, and help prevent injuries. For serious athletes, sports massage should be an essential part of your training regimen. Our massage therapists base the techniques and focus areas of your sports massage on the type of sport you play and any problem spot you may have. Recover more quickly from sports-related injuries and condition your muscles to help prevent future problems. Great during training and after competitions. We use a creamy organic virgin coconut oil infused with fresh organic comfrey and arnica and a blend of essential oils traditionally used to help ease minor muscular aches, bruises or pains. Ice therapy is used if needed.


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