Our Philosophy In Greenville

Massage Therapy Greenville SC Our Values

The eco-organic massage experience in Greenville SC is a way to relax, unwind, and rejuvenate, a way to restore harmony and balance, not only to your body, mind, and soul, but also to mother earth.

Our Mission in Greenville

The mission of the Massage Therapy Center is to restore, inspire, and promote balance and well-being in the bodies, minds, and souls of our clients by combining Eastern and Western massage and healing modalities. Our team of professionally Licensed Massage Therapists strives to meet and exceed the needs and expectations of our clients while being guided by the values of respect, compassion, cooperation, and professionalism.

Our mission is to incorporate environmentally friendly policies and practices into the present and future activities. We have integrated the use of the most natural, toxic-free and organic ingredients and resources into our massage and healing modalities. As we strive to support the well-being of mother earth and the entire global community, we are committed to "transforming the world one massage at a time."

Our Values

At the Massage Therapy Center, eco-friendly/organic/natural living isn't just a concept, it's a lifestyle. We strive to deliver the highest quality natural & organic massage experience.

  • We believe in eco-conscious business practices - that a business can be environmentally responsible and successful at the same time
  • We believe in respect and empowerment for ourselves, our staff, and our clients.
  • We believe in dedication and commitment, to our clients, our staff, and our environment.
  • We believe in thinking outside the box and being open to new ideas and methods for therapy.
  • We believe in growing and cultivating our awareness, our education, and our relationships.
  • We believe that a healing touch is both an art and a science, and that touch therapy should be an integral part of everyday life. Touch should be recognized as a valuable ingredient of preventive health.
  • We believe in nurturing our clients, staff, and selves, and helping all to find balance and serenity in life.

Our Facilities

  • We use organically grown cotton massage linens and accessories. Organic cotton is grown without the use of pesticides and uses sustainable agriculture practices such as crop rotation and support of beneficial insects.
  • We use organic massage oils and creams. From our signature jojoba oil to our peppermint foot scrub to our shea butter cream, every product that touches your body is organic, non-toxic, and natural (not to mention heavenly!).
  • We use state of the art massage tables from an ecologically friendly manufacturer. These tables provide the ultimate in luxury and comfort without dyes and chemicals harmful to you and the earth.
  • Our building is a testament to eco-bliss: a soothing, peaceful environment that's environmentally friendly. Bamboo flooring, zero-VOC paint, sustainable building materials and construction methods - all working together to provide an indulgent escape for our clients from the stress of everyday life.

We are raising the bar so that our clients, our therapists, and our environment can breathe more easily.

Green is Serene
When we built our Massage Therapy Center, we strove to understand the environmental impacts central in its creation. Educating ourselves on as many "green" initiatives as possible, we used environmentally friendly materials, sustainable bamboo flooring, and zero-VOC paint. But we're not stopping there. All of our massage supplies are made from organic ingredients, and our linens are organically grown cotton. Even our cleaning products are phosphate-free, biodegradable, and nontoxic.

Supporting the Global Community
We believe our actions make a difference, both locally and globally. It's not enough to just "choose organic". We strive to choose products that haven't harmed people or communities during their creation or preparation, products that actually help the communities that make them, and products that minimize harm to the community that finally disposes of them.

Transforming the world one massage at a time.™

Client Code of Conduct

To enjoy your massage experience to the fullest, we ask that you observe the Code of Conduct, and realize that personal awareness can help ensure your satisfaction, comfort, and safety, as well as that of others.


  • A clean, safe, comfortable, and eco-friendly environment
  • Stop a treatment at any time, for any reason
  • Be treated with consideration, dignity and respect
  • Trained staff who respectfully conduct treatments according to MTC protocols, policies and procedures.
  • Ask about their Massage Therapy Center experience
  • Information regarding staff training, licensing and certification.


  • Communicate their preferences, expectations and concerns
  • Communicate complete and accurate health information and reasons for their visit
  • Treat staff and other guests with courtesy and respect
  • Use products, equipment and therapies as directed
  • Not wear perfume or scented body lotion in consideration of our clean air policy and other people's allergies
  • Adhere to Massage Therapy Center published policies and procedures.


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