Professional Requirements for Massage Therapist in Greenville, SC

Professional Requirements for Massage Therapist in Greenville, SC

Massage Therapy Greenville SC Massage Therapist Requirements

When you get a massage from a Massage Therapist at Massage Therapy Center in Greenville, SC , rest assured - your massage therapist went through extensive education and training before performing your Massages.
In the United States, licensed massage therapists graduate from one of the 300+ accredited massage institutions in the United States.

Therapists undertake a minimum of 500 hours of training before graduation, and many massage schools require up to 1000 hours. Most therapists study between 12 and 18 months before graduating and obtaining their massage license.

Most massage therapists are licensed by the state, though some take additional coursework and exams to obtain national certification. In addition, some massage therapists pursue further graduate study in specialties such as prenatal massage and oncology massage (massage for cancer clients).

All CMT Massage Therapists are currently licensed in South Carolina. Great massage therapists with a current and valid massage license are always welcome to join The Massage Therapy Center.


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