Types of Massages

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At the Massage Therapy Center, eco-friendly/organic/natural living isn't just a concept, it's a lifestyle. We strive to deliver the highest quality natural & organic massage experience.

Lotus Signature Massage - $75 for 60 minutes | $100 for 90 minutes

Our Lotus Signature Massage is the Soothing Touch HobaCare Massage with the addition of a custom aromatherapy skin treatment using organic essential oils. Leave your massage either relaxed or recharged through the power of scent. Choose from the following scented oils and take your massage to the next level of bliss:

  • Nirvana Fusion: A proprietary organic blend of pure French lavender, geranium, rosewood, bergamot, patchouli & other essential oils.
  • Soul Lifter Fusion: A proprietary organic blend of pure petigrain, eucalyptus radiata, juniper berry, bergamot, lime & other essential oils.
  • Lavender Nirvana: A sweet, floral-herbaceous scent with woody undertones.

Aromatherapy is beneficial for enhancing physical, emotional, and mental well-being. Massage with aroma goes beyond touch to engage all the senses.

Soothing Touch HobaCare Massage - $70 for 60 min | $95 for 90 minutes

The Soothing Touch HobaCare Massage is our Integrative Harmony Massage with the addition of 100% organic jojoba by HobaCare. HobaCare jojoba is the pure extract of the jojoba seed, which is non-allergenic, non-comedogenic, and non-staining. Jojoba oil is very similar chemically to our own skin, so it is an excellent moisturizer and useful especially for people with sensitive skin. Jojoba also aids in reducing the appearance of scars and stretch marks.

Integrative Harmony Massage - $70 for 60 minutes, $90 for 90 minutes

For our Integrative Harmony Massage, you and your therapist will decide what combination of techniques and modalities is best for you at each session. An Integrative massage can aid in clearing toxins from the muscles, while increasing circulation and blood oxygen levels. Nerve pain, chronic pain, and recent injuries can all be eased with a regular integrative massage. Your massage therapist will draw from a range of techniques to help your body release stress, to loosen muscle tightness and to increase your overall sense of peace and well-being, depending on your needs at each session. Techniques used in our Harmony Massage include the following:

  • Swedish massage uses a combination of long strokes, kneading of the muscles, and circular strokes to release tension and wipe away stress.
  • Neuromuscular Massage Therapy uses cycles of isolated pressure and release on trigger points. By focusing on these points, neuromuscular massage can provide relief for sufferers of chronic pain.
  • Deep tissue massage goes to a deeper layer of muscles that are often chronically tight. Very beneficial for chronic pain, deep tissue can encompass the full body or focus specifically on those areas most in need of relief.

Mother Earth Prenatal Massage - $70 for 60 minutes | $95 for 90 minutes

Ease some of the stress of pregnancy with our Mother Earth Prenatal Massage. Prenatal massage can reduce the pain and swelling associated with carrying your bundle of joy, while improving blood flow and circulation for you and your little one. Massage can even help with the - how should we say? - uncomfortable digestive side-effects of pregnancy (gas, constipation, and heartburn). Pre-natal massage involves light to medium strokes while you lay on your side surrounded by pillows. We use Jojoba to help prevent stretch marks and moisturize the skin. Your comfort and the safety of your pregnancy are our top priority at all times. This healing touch service is not available for the first trimester or for high risk pregnancies. Please provide a physician's note for any stage of pregnancy.

Jojoba Stone Massage - $120 for 90 minutes

Though it seems like a new trend, stone massage has been around for thousands of years. Hot stone massage uses heated stones on your body (like Mother Nature’s heating pad!) in conjunction with Swedish or Deep Tissue massage to promote relaxation and lasting peacefulness. Bring relief to tense muscles, sore joints, stressed emotions and a weary soul.

It’s a blissful, rejuvenating experience that’s not to be missed!

Sports Massage - $75 for 60 minutes, $100 for 90 minutes

You don’t have to be an Olympic athlete to need and benefit from sports massage. Even weekend warriors can gain endurance, increase flexibility, improve circulation, and help prevent injuries. For serious athletes, sports massage should be an essential part of your training regimen. Our massage therapists base the techniques and focus areas of your sports massage on the type of sport you play and any problem spot you may have. Recover more quickly from sports-related injuries and condition your muscles to help prevent future problems. Great during training and after competitions. We use a creamy organic virgin coconut oil infused with fresh organic comfrey and arnica and a blend of essential oils traditionally used to help ease minor muscular aches, bruises or pains. Ice therapy is used if needed.

Duet Massage 

Make a soothing massage even better by sharing it with a partner or friend. Relax and unwind in our spacious rooms with two of our massage therapists, one for each of you. Choose from any of our massage experiences and create blissful memories that you'll share forever.

Price: Each person chooses their massage from the above list, with rates matching the type of massage chosen.

Corporate Chair Massage - Call for corporate account packages

Surprise your employees with an in-house massage day! Chair massages held at your place of work are a surprisingly cost-effective way to promote well-being and stress relief in the office. Especially beneficial for employees with back pain or repetitive stress injuries. Increase productivity, decrease absenteeism, and promote a healthy workplace with massage therapy.

Reflexology Sole Soother - Add on to your massage for $20 for 15 minutes

Who doesn't enjoy a foot rub? We go beyond your standard foot massage with a reflexology treatment using organic massage cream that will refresh you from head to toe. Put your tired feet up and feel the tension slip away with this ancient Chinese pressure point ritual. Our massage cream is 100% natural and organic, enriched with sea algae, Japanese Green Tea, and Hops extracts - known throughout the centuries to have healing, antioxidant, and anti-aging properties.

Ultimate Sole Sensation - Add on to your massage for $45 for 30 minutes

Take a step beyond the ordinary and treat your feet to the ultimate spa experience. Heated basalt stones are placed on key points on your feet. The hot stone therapy combined with an invigorating organic peppermint and tea tree oil foot scrub will reenergize your tired tootsies like nothing else. We follow this indulgence with our luxurious organic Shea & Cocoa butter and a reflexology massage. Your feet (and you) will never forget it!

Lavender Nirvana Scalp Massage - Add on to your massage for $25 for 15 minutes

Revitalize and purify your scalp and soul. Scalp massage is a wonderful treatment using warm Lavender oil massaged into your scalp and hair to promote peace and health. It conditions and nourishes your hair while relaxing and de-stressing your mind.


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